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For the health and safety of all pets on site, proof of vaccines is required. You may also have your vet email us your pet's vaccine records. Thank you for your understanding.

All dogs get their own suites (approx 30" x 70") with your choice of small playgroups or individualized care and playtime with one
of our staff. Because of our options on individualized care, we are ideal for intact, small, old, or shy dogs that don't do well in large
playgroups that are typical of most doggy daycares. Dogs get to play with our staff in our approximately 800 square foot fenced in
yard and playground deck on a 15 minute cycle continuously throughout the day.

We have 14 full sized suites available and two large kennels for daycare so spots are very limited to focus on and maximize your pet's
individualized experience. Please call to check availability.

Full Day (4+ hours): $16 per day

Half Day (Under 4 hours): $10 per day

Full Day w/ Groom: $10 per day

Weekly Package: $70 for 5 days

Add Ons
Story Time (15 mins): $5

Cuddle Time (15 mins): $5

Snack Time: $2
Choice of Kong Treat, Popcorn, Cup O' Treats, or Pupsicle

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